About Me



Nirali Rangwala, an Indian milliner and rare of its kind. Holding a graduate degree in Systems and Aerospace engineering from Cornell University; I often tend to stick to the nerdy side of my brain. After all, Millinery is purely engineering, just glamorous! Being raised in Louisville, home to the renowned Kentucky derby, my obsession for hats soon made me learn the art of millinery. 


Maaneh is a word of Sanskrit origin that portrays an expensive piece of jewellery that can boost your poise. I handcraft each one-of-a kind headgear with the aim to bolster women's poise. With effortless confluence of unconventional fabrics and millinery techniques crafted to perfection, Maaneh Millinery celebrates style by sculpting exclusive designs. Having served over 500 unique designs, I enjoy catering patrons across the globe through various platforms. 


With the hope to preserve traditions yet modernize the art in a chic way is Maaneh's promise. Yayy, Nay, Wow, Whoaa, Awww, Eww or even Psttt; please feel free to drop in a line and I would love to hear from you.