Carefully sculpted sea green fascinator with twirls to pair perfectly with that gorgeous outfit of your choice.


This headpiece is open to minor customisation and liable to a price difference based on the level of intricacy required. Please reach out via email or phone to be able to discuss further needs.  All our hats are one of a kind and we DO NOT make the same design in a different colour.


Collection: Kesagra


Straw Hat Dislaimer

Brim being slightly bent to fit into the max limit of box size.
Sometimes the straw-hat brim is bent out of shape during transportation or over time.
When it happens, simply use steam iron and work with hands to re-store it to the original form.


Sea Green Jinsin scultped with Sinamay twirls

SKU: 01 2022 KE FGM 0001
Colour: Sea Green