Navy band with gold and navy parisisal fiber trims


This fascinator is open to minor customisation and liable to a price difference based on the level of intricacy required. Please reach out via email or phone to be able to discuss further needs. Please note all our headgears are one of a kind and we DO NOT make the same design in a different colour. Unless otherwise stated or requested, most of our pieces are designed to be worn on the right side of the face cut complementing your jawline. Feel free to work around the playfulness of the piece.


Collection : Levante

Navy band with gold and navy parisisal fiber trims

SKU: 01 2022 LV BMS 0022
Colour: Blue
  •  Hold the fascinator inside out.

     You should be able to read the “Maaneh Millinery” tag in the right
    direction. This is the correct side of the fascinator designed.

     Many fascinators attach to your head with a subtle elastic band.
    This goes behind your ears and around the nape of your neck, not
    under your chin. This is one of the biggest mistake people make
    with fascinators that have elastic bands. When band comes under
    the chin it takes away the charm of the design.

     Pull the elastic band going over your head and fascinator by your
    neck in the front. The band will sit by your cervical area (nape
    area) behind the ears. Pull all our hair out from the elastic band
    just like you would in a ponytail.

     Now pull the fascinator up to your forehead area in the desired
    angle. You could support the elastic band with pins if you may.

     If you have no parting, a fascinator is traditionally worn on the
    right. Otherwise it is recommended to use it to cover your parting.
    (This means the opposite side is all hair, not roots.)

     The fascinator should be placed just above either your right or left
    eyebrow depending on your hair parting as described above.
    Fascinators when worn leaning towards either side right or left,
    look more chic.

     Wearing the fascinator towards the front of your head in the
    center is sometimes acceptable but makes it look bolder. Try
    wearing the headgear on the side a few times and getting more
    comfortable than going for the braver look.

     Please feel free to play around with the design and adjust it the
    way you adore.