Synthetic straw capeline sun hat with silk hatband and feather trims.\


This hat is open to minor customisation and liable to a price difference based on the level of intricacy required. Please reach out via email or phone to be able to discuss further needs. Please note all our headgears are one of a kind and we DO NOT make the same design in a different colour. Unless otherwise stated or requested, most of our pieces are designed to be worn on the right side of the face cut complementing your jawline. Feel free to work around the playfulness of the hat.


Collection: Zout


Straw Hat Dislaimer

Brim being slightly bent to fit into the max limit of box size.
Sometimes the straw-hat brim is bent out of shape during transportation or over time.
When it happens, simply use steam iron and work with hands to re-store it to the original form.

Trimmed Sun Hat

SKU: 01 2022 ZT AEH 0051
Colour: Beige