Royal Affairs at the Ascot

Ahh the first day of summer! Sun is shining bright and season commences with the Royal Ascot being held today in London. This time around we hear Britain has been under unusual immense heat, which means all the hats would be in galore and voila time to show them off! Milliners across the globe have been busy sending their pieces in(and the ones who just launched a new millinery label {ahem, ahem} have been dreaming of sending theirs, someday!! Hopefully at the one held next year)

Many of you may have been ignorant of a fact that they take dress codes at the Ascot pretty seriously. One never goes bare headed in front of the queen as a sign of respect. Royal Enclosure being the epitome of fashion and style, men and women dress in their extreme bests. Men in their black or grey morning suits, with a waistcoat and tie, a black or grey top hat and black shoes, showoff their swags in full zest. Women sport dresses and skirts that fall just above the knee or below, jackets and pashmina, full length trouser suits, full length or ankle and jumpsuits all and above HATS that need to be worn at all times. In exception of a headpiece that is more than 4 inches in solid base to a hat while the fascinators are not acceptable. Strapless, off the shoulder, halter neck and spaghetti straps are not permitted at the event. Midriffs must be covered at all times for women. Children are only allowed on Friday and Saturday of the week with the same dress codes and minor relaxation in the hats to where fascinators are sanctioned to young girls.

Every year the official partners of the Ascot along with style guide supporters launch a video showcasing the trends and dress codes permissible to the event. For the year 2017 has been ascribed here:

One thing that fails to change for sure is a how the race goers seek attention with their ostentatious hats. For 2017, Royal Ascot will be held from Tuesday 20 – Saturday 24 June 2017. Tickets start from £26 if booked before 31 March 2017. Bookings can be done through or call 0844 346 3000.

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Happy Hatting!

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