How to step up your hat game?

One underrated fashion accessory that instantly glams up any outfit is the hat. Hats look incredibly cool when paired with the right outfit. They give off an aura of sophistication and flair that cannot be achieved with any other type of accessory. If you want to look effortlessly cool and make people stop in their tracks when they see you, then incorporate a trendy hat in your outfit. One such hat that will make you go from meh to marvelous is this super cute hat from Maaneh Millinery. This stylish yellow and grey hat with gorgeous flowers looks super sleek and polished. Here are some fun ways you can pair this gorgeous hat with different outfits.

1-Make a wedding statement

What better event to wear your hat at than a fabulous wedding where you can make sure that it shines in the best way possible? Bridesmaid dresses are all about pastels and this hat will look incredibly chic when paired with a gorgeous bridesmaids dress. You can wear your hair down so the hat can frame your gorgeous curls or you can wear it up so the hat can anchor your up-do. Whatever style you may choose, the hat is surely going to become the talk of the wedding party. So get ready to steal the bride’s thunder with this super cute hat.

2-Be the belle of the party

If you want to look the best out of all at a cocktail party, then jazz up your outfit with this super luxurious hat. Pair it with a contrasting outfit to make sure that your hat becomes the star of your outfit. You won’t need to pair up your dress with any accessories once you put this dynamic hat on. With this super stylish hat, you are guaranteed to have a unique outfit that no one else will have at the party. So put this on get ready to become the queen of the party.

3-Break the monotony

If you are looking for good ways to accessorize your all-black outfit then there is no better way than pairing your outfit with this glamorous little hat. This hat is the perfect color and style to break the monotony of an all-black outfit. This will amp up the style factor in your outfit and make you look breathtakingly gorgeous. Keep your shoes and makeup simple to let this hat become the shining star of the outfit.

4-Spice up your look

If you think your outfit needs something to make it better than put this hat on and make your outfit look perfect. Once you put these adorable little hat on, everything in your outfit will click into place. It doesn’t matter if you are wearing a super stylish little black dress or are dressed down in a flowy top and some jeans, if you think your outfit looks good with a dress, then it probably does.

If you want to find more ways to rock the hat, then look no further than Britain’s very own style icon , Duchess Kate Middleton. She has rocked different styles of hats and you too can do that by making your own style statement with this hat!

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