Trends to Watch out for 2017 Spring Racing in Melbourne

Spring racing carnival is just around the corner, and with its advent comes the thrill and excitement of planning racing outfit ideas. Spring racing season is one time of the year, when you get to channel your inner diva in its full swing, let loose and flaunt fashion statement accessories or styles that you would not dare wearing anywhere else. Headgears, big statement earrings, oversized sunglasses, bold stripes, and a rainbow of vibrant popping colors are some of the trends expected to be seen at spring racing carnival this year as per the fashion experts.

Like always, Derby Day would kick off the spring race carnival this year as well – this is one day when you have got to lean more towards a traditional dress code rather than wearing what’s on vogue. Legends have a traditional monochromatic all white or all black elegant classy look specified for Derby Day, which actually can be cute chic if you opt for some soft romantic ruffles or lacey dress, pair it with some hand embroidered, exquisite headgear or millinery and you are good to go.

Crown Oaks day is the one day of the carnival when you get to actually be playful and creative with your outfit makeup, hairstyle and overall ensemble. Traditionally known as ‘the ladies day’ – crown oak day is a wonderful way to express your personal style statement – the only dress code of the day is to highlight your femininity and present yourself in a lady-like manner. Light blush tones would make a perfect choice of outfit that day, since what is more feminine than a light blush satin or silk dress?

Might we suggest some Indian Inspired hats, or better some Indian inspired hand embroidered hats as the accompanying headgear for your crown oaks day dress? When it comes to millinery, the trend reports have been predicting wide, big, and bold hats mostly in metallic and jewel tones. This olive tones millinery features some bright oranges and pinks as accent colors – and a chic, feminine yet contemporary cool hand embroidered pattern of a bird and flowers. This hat would go perfectly as a complimentary statement accessory with the otherwise subtle and soft outfit we suggested.

This hat would even compliment an all-black monochromatic Derby Day dress as well; could very well be your way of adding your personal touch and flare to any outfit of the spring racing carnival.

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