High Fashion at British Polo Day across the Globe

What’s the relationship between high fashion and the British Polo Day? For a sport that began in Persia before it was brought to India, Polo has come a long way. The British military couldn’t resist, and in 1859 they founded the Silchar Polo Club. While the sport has since been spread to many parts of the world through British influence, it is the advent of the Polo Day that has pushed it to greater heights.

In the early days, polo was a preserve for the Royals. In fact, it would only be played in idyllic places. That’s exactly what British Polo Day seeks to restore. It borrows from its beginnings in India and established traditions. The British Polo Day was first held in Dubai in 2009 and has since taken place in many other countries. It aims at providing a networking platform for British luxury brands through what they call the “international language of the horse.”

Every time you attend a British Polo Day event, expect to meet people in all forms of fancy hats. It is always a blend of polo, fashion, and heritage. In between the racing and drinking sessions bring together the royals and the players. In India and British traditions, polo is played by the royals.

But just how do you choose the perfect hat to wear for a British Polo Day event?

1. Nothing too showy

When attending a horse racing derby, you can be excused to wear grand hats but that would be considered too showy in a British Polo Day event. Make it fancy hats but without the feathers. In fact, a smaller hat is just okay.

2. Weather-appropriate materials

British Polo Days are held in the open outdoors. That means attending an event will leave you standing in the sun all afternoon. As much as fancy hats are appealing, get for yourself something that can breathe. Who wants a sweaty and sticky head anyway? Straw hats are just the perfect fit for a British Polo Day event. They protect you against the sun but do not let a bunch of built up inside. You should expect to be as cool as possible.

3. Appropriate design

British Polo Day events will run throughout the day. In the evenings, a sense of formality usually takes over unlike in the mornings and afternoons. That’s when you should get a hat that’s not just fancy but also formal. Evening events are usually followed by an evening party. But that doesn’t mean that the fancy hats should be worn that early. You might want to change your clothes, together with your hats, soon after the match.

If you are looking for a networking event that will help you meet the leading industry players think of attending one of the British Polo Day events. Here a number of British business interests get to engage with world-famous decision makers. If you have never heard about international social entrepreneurialism, come and learn it here. You don’t have to be one of the royals. But just don’t forget your fancy hats.

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