How to Make your Hat the Center of Attention to your Look

Let’s be honest – a hat is an underrated accessory that has the power to make or break your fashion statement. You can display the exact fashion statement you want to with your dress and screw it up with a mismatched hat or you can be dressed ridiculously out of your intended fashion statement and have a hat save your day! Either way, never underestimate the power of a hat.

Hats enhance your natural beauty by bringing more attention to your face. They specifically bring out your eye color.

hat enhances the eye color

So, what is the art of enhancing your features with a hat? There are two ways you could go about this: draw less attention to the rest of your body by following minimalist fashion or draw more attention to your hat by making it look more attractive. A few tips to draw attention to your hat, and ultimately your face, are listed below.

  • Subtle accessories make the hat pop.

Wear delicately small and decent jewelry instead of chunky statement jewelry. NEVER wear a chunky necklace with a hat! It will leave your hat attention-deprived.

subtle necklace with a hat

subtle ear ring with a hat

lady with a hat and subtle jewellery

  • The smaller your handbag, the less attention it will steal from your precious hat.

subtle clutch with a hat

  • If the occasion allows, go for a bold hat! Bring out your inner hat-fanatic and go crazy! Some types of statement hats you could take inspiration from are shown below.

wide brimmed hat
  1. Wide-brimmed picture hats: So-called because they make all your pictures come out amazing, these beautifully adorned hats have what it takes to steal your attention.

  1. Black or beige beach hats: These wide-brimmed but simple hats can be worn on casual occasions too and add a touch of elegance.

black casual beach sun hat

The greatest tip for carrying a hat effortlessly and gracefully is minimalist fashion. So, take out your summer hats and let’s get on the go!

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