Fashion Highlights of Kentucky Derby 2018

The Kentucky Derby presents the finest intersection of sports and fashion! If you weren’t fortunate enough to attend the Kentucky Derby 2018 and personally witness the fashionable display of clothes and hats by the ladies and gentlemen there, worry no more! We’ve got you covered. We bring to you the top fashion highlights of Kentucky Derby 2018!

fashion at kentucky derby 2018

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The crazy mode was out in the open!

The best thing about the Kentucky Derby is that people can freely express their fashion statement. Whether it’s an out-of-the-ordinary hat, a wild dress or a dress you’d wear to a wedding, anything can be pulled off here! Some of the craziest fashion highlights of the Derby 2018 are shown below.

  • The feather-radiator

feather hat at kentucky derby 2018
  • Hat Afro?

crazy hats at kentucky derby 2018
  • Who says beards are overrated?

mens fashion at kentucky derby 2018
  • It’s about the horses, after all

hat with horses kentucky derby 2018

Other, not-so-wild trends could be seen too!

For women:

  • Bright, vibrant hat colors!

Women welcomed the spring season at this year’s Kentucky Derby with hats of bright colors! Pink, yellow, bright red and white were some of the most common hat colors.

  • Hats with frill

Ruffled and frilly sleeves have risen to popularity and are now considered a norm. However, this year at the Derby, hats, fascinators with a ruffled net cloth made their way to the top too!

  • The dresses

These ranged from simple to fancy to crazy. When hats were fancy, dresses were simple and vice versa

For men:

  • Colorful bowties and ties!

Men displayed colorful bowties and ties adorned with polka dots and other patterns like horses.

  • Suit up!

Most men were seen wearing suits with a shirt underneath. Some of them stuck to colorful and fancy suits while others chose the simpler, old-fashioned ones.

We hope these fashion highlights gave you a sneak peek into what the Kentucky Derby 2018 looked like! Stay tuned to our website for more Derby updates!

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