Celebrities at the Kentucky Derby 2018

Among the many reasons for attending the Kentucky Derby each year is to enjoy the appearance of your favorite celebrities! The Derby is an all-in-one event with its splendid display of fashion, thrilling sports, and the endless celebrity appearances.

  • Tara Lipinski

Working as the fashion critic and commentator at the Derby for four consecutive years, Lipinski definitely displayed her best outfit at the event!

Tara Lipinski at Kentucky Derby 2018
  • Johnny Weir

A fashion designer and a skater, Johnny Weir, have also been chosen alongside Tara Lipinski to be a fashion critic and commentator at the Derby!

Johnny Weir at Kentucky Derby 2018
  • Tyler Gerald Burrell and wife

For all you Modern Family fans out there! Should’ve attended the Derby to see him! I barely recognized him with that beard though.

Tyler Gerald Burrell and wife at kentucky derby 2018
  • Aisha Tyler

The multi-talented Aisha Tyler made an appearance with a large floral fascinator coupled with a floral dress!

Aisha Tyler at kentucky derby 2018
  • Stephen Amell and his gorgeous wife

Yes, another Television Series’ actor! The hot Stephen Amell who plays the role of Oliver Queen in “Arrow” showed up for the Derby 2018 with his stunning wife!

Stephan Amell and his wife at kentucky derby 2018
  • Monte Durham

The Fashion Director of “Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta” welcomed the spring season with floral prints! After all, who would know fashion better than him?

Monte Durham at Kentucky Derby 2018
  • Taylor Kitsch

Remember X-men Origins: Wolverine? Yes, he’s that Taylor! Some other movies in which he worked include Battleship, Savages, and Lone Survivor

Taylor Kitsch at Kentucky Derby 2018
  • Blair Underwood

The attractive African-American actor flaunted a peachy-red hat at the red carpet!

Blair Underwood at Kentucky Derby 2018
  • Kid Rock

And now from the world of music, Kid Rock (actual name: Robert James Ritchie Sr) made an appearance wearing a characteristic hat.

Kid Rock at Kentucky Derby 2018

These were just a few of the celebrities who showed up at the Derby 2018! Others include Johnny Knoxville, Anthony Anderson in his yellow outfit and hat, actress Mira Sorvino, Victoria Justice, musician Travis Tritt, and Graham Elliot.

Be sure to attend the Kentucky Derby next year for the celebrity appearances, least not for the horse races!

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