Kentucky Derby - A Run for the Roses at Churchill Downs

The Kentucky Derby features the Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports: Run for the Roses! This exciting event invites people from all over the United States and brings together an elegant combination of fashion and sports!

The real question is, what do the horses, which have actually run the race, get apart from the best quality food? Trophies and cash prizes are bagged by the jockeys and trainers of the horses. Therefore, a splendid garland made of over 400 red roses is presented to honor the winning horse. Hence, the name “run for the roses” stems from the fact that every year, a stunning garland of roses is presented to the winning horse!

History of the garland of Roses:

The first garland of roses consisted of white and pink roses and was presented to the winning horse in 1896. Afterward, red roses replaced pink roses as they became the official flower of the Derby and the structure of the present-day garland was officially presented in 1932 to the winning horse that year!

Structure of the Garland of Roses:

At first, over two thousand roses are carefully selected. After that, they are filtered and the garland is adorned with over 400 best red roses amongst them. The roses and green leaves are sewn onto a green base. The garland has a top tiara of ribbons, roses, and ferns. After it’s made, it weighs about 20 kilograms and over fifty people put their blood, sweat, and tears into making the garland.

The garland is made in public every year and a huge crowd gathers around to watch it. Indeed, it is a spectacular sight! The garland is wrapped around the neck of the rose so that its free ends fall down on both ends. It contains the Commonwealth seal too at one end!

Be sure to witness this wonderful sight if you happen to visit the Churchill Downs a week before the Derby!

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