Queen of England's Garden Parties

Women have long been known to host fancy kitty parties in which tea, sandwiches, and cakes are served. No different than these are the Royal Garden Parties, hosted by the glorious Queen Elizabeth. They’re a more sophisticated and fancier version of kitty parties, with a greater number of guests and both male and female attendees.

Special Garden Parties are similar to Garden Parties, except the reason behind arranging the party is different and special. Annually, a Garden Party is held in order to gather up donations for war veterans. Other Special Garden Parties are held on different occasions like the Queen’s 80th birthday, and the Territorial Army’s 100th birthday.

Who makes it to these glorious Special Garden Parties?

The purpose of the parties is to ensure that representatives from various fields of the society have a chance to talk to the Queen and the Royal Family. Therefore, local government officers, representatives of various faiths and societies as well as Lord Lieutenants are invited through links and networks. It is an invitation-only party and applications to get an invitation are not accepted. Over 30,000 people are invited and attend the parties each year!

Event line-up of the Parties

The Parties take place either at the Buckingham Palace in London or at the Palace of Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh. The guests are allowed to enter the premises from 3 pm onwards. However, the Royal Family, including the Queen, arrives by 4 pm. The party is officially inaugurated at their arrival and the National Anthem is played. The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh then meet guests and walk through rows of guests in order to meet everyone. Meanwhile, the guests are served tea, cake slices and sandwiches.

The Garden Parties are one of the most awaited events of the year, especially for those that have fallen for the Queen’s elegance and glamour and want to see it up-close for themselves! Too bad not everyone’s invited!

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