What happens at the Queen's Garden Parties?

Two times per year or so the Queen of England, Queen Elizabeth II sorts out a garden party in the flawless yards and among the greenery of the Buckingham Palace and the Holyroodhouse where she has a gathering not at all like we ordinary people have seen previously.

It's anything but a social affair for 70 or a hundred or even a thousand people but in fact, the Queen plays out her obligations as the most astonishing and remarkable host ever to around 30,000 individuals. As per the most recent news, around 35,000 sandwiches, 20,000 cups of cake some and new warm tea of equivalent the number is served at the garden party. In spite of the fact that lovely and faultlessly rich customs are breathtakingly fascinating to ordinary folks, the question as to what really goes on behind the closed doors and in the open air if the gardens of the Palace still stands.

queen elizabeth at the garden parties

The queen organizes the luncheon for the chosen ones, for those shining names that have played their part and played it well in the society to help people and make a difference. Apart played so well that the queen throws the luncheon in their honor, to meet them and to appreciate them. People are allowed to meet the members of the royal family and roam around the beautiful gardens of the Palace.

queen elizabeth at the garden parties

On the day of the party, the guests are requested to enter the palace through the Hyde Park which is the back gate. The party really begins when the royal family enters with the Queen and a military marching band playing sets of music and while the music plays, the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh meet with the people. Apart from this, the Not Forgotten Association also holds parties especially for the war veterans, to honor them and the sacrifices they have made for this country!

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