What to wear at the Queen's Garden Parties?

The Garden Parties are an excellent way for representatives of various fields of the society to interact with Queen Elizabeth regarding trivial matters. Every year, over 30,000 guests are invited to the Royal Garden Parties and come adorned in carefully selected and customized dresses specially made for the event.

If you’re one of the lucky ones who’ve been invited and you’re nervous about what to wear to this grand and exclusive event, you’ve come to the perfect place!

For the ladies:

Don’t be afraid to spend a good amount of money to make sure your outfit rocks! You don’t want to be in that crowd regretting not giving enough thought to your outfit, so go prepared! The following are a few tips to help you get started.

  • Dresses:

Wear a day dress and check the weather forecast before deciding if you need to wear an extra layer on top! Go for classy floral prints in the summer and dark, dominating prints in the winter. Bell-bottom sleeves and frilled necklines are in!

dress to wear at garden parties
  • Headwear:

Fancy fascinators or wide-brimmed floppy hats will do, e in the summer season. Don’t miss out on your headwear since it represents the true essence of the British culture and traditions.

headwear at garden parties
  • Footwear:

You’ll have to stand for hours, so don’t give in to the temptation of wearing heels. Go for fancy flats instead.

footwear at garden parties

For the gentlemen:

Formal morning dresses or suits are to be worn by gentlemen.

  • Morning dresses:

These consist of a morning coat, shit, tie, and a waistcoat paired with either plain grey or striped grey and black trousers.

  • Morning coat:

These coats are curved from front to sides at the ends.

morning coat at garden parties
  • Trousers:

Striped or plain grey trousers without upturned ends will do. White shirts with stiff collars and light-colored waistcoats are paired with these.

trousers used at garden parties

  • Footwear:

Black formal shoes should be worn and of course, they need to be polished!

footwear used for garden parties

Be sure to follow these tips and don’t be afraid to spend some money on your outfit! The event is worth it!

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