Who is invited to the Queen's Garden Parties?

Twice a year or so the Queen of England, Queen Elizabeth II organizes a garden party in the gorgeous lawns and amongst the greenery of the Buckingham Palace and the Holyroodhouse where she hosts a party, unlike we normal folks, have seen before.

queen elizabeth at garden parties

It is not a gathering for 70 or a hundred or even a thousand people but the Queen performs her duties as the most amazing and outstanding host ever to around 30,000 people. According to the latest surveys, around 35,000 sandwiches, 20,000 slices of cake and cups of fresh warm tea of equal the number are served at the garden party. Though exquisite and impeccably elegant, the question still stands, who are these 30,000 people that attend Her Majesty’s party?

Who does the Queen invite?

The answer is, they are the many influentials. The Queen, with the Duke of Edinburgh and mostly all members of the royal family welcome the many people into their gorgeous gardens, people from nearly all walks of life that have contributed to the community in some way and have made their mark on the world and the people whose lives they have worked hard to make much better than before.

queen elizabeth at garden parties

Every year a whole long list of sponsors forward names and invite the people to the party along with the prestigious guests of honor for whom the luncheon is organized. The highest members of the church, government, societies, and associations put forward the names that according to them have done exceptional work, as a representation of each sector.

Only the selected few people are invited and you cannot ask to be invited to the garden party via a direct application to the Buckingham Palace. You have to be invited on the behalf or by The Royal Majesty herself.

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