Ever wonder what the Love Story of Price Harry and Meghan Markle be like?

Who knew that one day, 15-year-old Meghan who was posing outside Buckingham Palace, would one day marry a Prince who lived in that Palace?

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s love story has defied all odds and has everyone stunned in awe. Like every fairytale story, they too had to face a lot of hurdles. However, it was definitely worth it as the way the adorable couple exchange looks is proof enough of the huge chemistry between them and the passion they have for each other.

It all began with a blind date. The couple says that it was love at first sight and Harry knew from the first date that she was the person he wanted to be with. In his words, “the stars aligned.”

Minutes into the date and they both knew they had to see each other again. Only after having their first two dates, Prince Harry convinced Meghan to accompany him on a trip to Botswana in South Africa where they camped under the stars for a few days. This only made their relationship stronger and gave them a chance to get to know each other away from the public eye.

A few months into their relationship, they came under the media’s attention and in October 2016, their relationship was talked about in the media.

As expected, the media did not take this news in a good way and Meghan, her family and her close friends were harassed in a sexist and racist way. However, Prince Harry came to the rescue and spoke against the shameful acts of the media.

Soon, Meghan met Prince Harry’s family and the two then started appearing in public together.

Their engagement was announced in November 2017 and their marriage date was set to only a few months later!

What an adorable story, right? We wholeheartedly wish Harry and Meghan the best for their life ahead!

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