Hat recommendations for women with Long Hair

If you’re one of those fashionistas who go to the Kentucky Derby solely for the gorgeous display of hats as well as to show yours off, then you’ve come to the right place! Hats are complicated. That’s why we’re here! If you’re a long-haired woman, lucky you because long hair can pull off almost all kinds of hats perfectly fine. Below are a few tips to help you choose the perfect Derby hat for long hair.

  • The wider, the classier and better!

Just like long hair is compatible with almost all types of hats, wide-brimmed hats are compatible with almost all types of hair lengths. The brims can measure about 7-12 inches. Wide-brimmed hats can be adorned with flowers, bows, and other pretty add-ons to make them even more appealing.

Derby hats for long hair

  • The Fascinator

Like their name suggests, fascinator hats area absolutely trendy and gorgeous! Their only disadvantage is that they don’t really help block the sunlight but the style and exquisiteness of these hats far outweigh their disadvantage. They look perfect with long hair tied in a side-bun.

fascinator that suits long hair

  • Explore your imagination!

When it comes to derby hats, the wilder, the more unique and attractive. Experiment until you create your perfect derby hat! Add roses, peacocks, feathers, pearls and other embellishment items to your hat!

wide imagined hats for long hair

  • Fedora

This popular hat has also recently made its way into Derby hat-wear. Pair it up with a stylish, colorful feather and you have the perfect Derby fedora hat!

fedora hats that suit long hair
  • Bowler hats

These are relatively simpler but just as popular. They depict a typical British look from the late 20th century, incorporating class and elegance.

bowler hats for long hair

Hats are underrated fashion accessories with each hat telling its own story. Brace yourself and go hat shopping today to pick your favorite hat before time runs out!

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