Different brims for that perfect street style look!

If you’re looking to get some hat education then you’ve come to the right place! The most important parts of a hat are its crown and brim. The brim of a hat is the part surrounding the main crown. Many different brim styles exist which give each hat its characteristic appearance, some of which are described below!


These brims have the same width and style on both sides when a random line is drawn across the middle of the hat. Symmetrical brims have a lot of varieties, some of which are described below.

  • Flat brims

These brims are narrow and stiff. Found in boater hats, they are simple and ideal for everyday wear. The brims extend for up to 2-3 inches.

  • Wide and floppy brims

These brims can extend in width for up to 10 inches and offer excellent sun protection, hence they're called "Sun Hats". They're usually made of straw or tweed to increase their stiffness. Most often, wide brims and floppy brims co-exist because of the excessive weight and width of the brims. Hence, waves appear in the brim, giving it a floppy appearance. Most Derby hats and all Sun hats have a wide, floppy brim.

Upturned brims:

These brims are narrow and slope upwards from the crown. They’re found in the following hats:

  • Fedoras and trilbys

Both of these have an upturned brim at the back and a flat brim in the front.

  • Cowboy hats

These have wide, upturned brims on both sides with flat brims on the front and the back.

  • Porkpie hats and kettle hats

They have an initial flat brim but the 1-2 inches at the end are curved upwards.

Downturned brims:

These slope downwards from the crown, and include cloche hats, bucket hats, and safari hats.


These brims aren’t mirror-images of each other when a line is drawn through the middle of the hat. They’re usually modified for protection from the sun. Asymmetrical brims are found in visors and newsboy caps.

Now that you know all the famous brim styles, choose your weapon (brim) and get rolling on the streets!

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