Hat recommendations for women with Short Hair

Short hair, don’t care? This “don’t care” obviously only applies to hair. You can’t care about the most underrated accessory ever – the hat – you pair your hair up with. We’ve compiled for you a list of hat-tips that will accentuate your short hair and make them look even more amazing than they already are on this Fall racing Derby Event.

  • Wide-brimmed Hats

You can never go wrong with a wide brim. It is the ultimate hat solution. These hats with wide brims cover your short hair gracefully and guard your face against UV rays! Brown and black hats are the safest options but you should definitely explore more colors!

hats for short hair

  • Cloche Hats

Opinions vary widely for cloche hats on short hair. I say try one on to find out! They look just gorgeous most of the times, especially if you have a face too small for wide-brimmed hats. They add a hint of sophistication and class to your outfit too.

hats for short hair
  • Beanies

Not the traditional “Derby Hat” but beanies, when placed correctly with some hair peeking out, these give the perfect strong, short-haired look! Position the knit of the beanie at the back so that it protrudes slightly and upwards.

hats for short hair

Other tips that will make your Derby hat look better on you:

  • Don’t be afraid to peek some hair

Peeking some hair under a hat is tricky – too much or too less look a little out of place. Explore and try what suits you best because peeking some hair out is a great way to give you a gentler look.

hats for short hair

  • Tint your lips!

If this wasn’t on your list already, add it! Lipstick makes EVERYTHING better.

tint your lips - hats for short hair

Don’t be afraid to explore what suits your hair! If you want some more inspiration, I suggest you look up the beauty that Anne Hathaway is. Oh, the way she carries her hats! What’s more, she has short hair too!

hats for short hair

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