The Golden era of Vintage Hats

Hats have practically been in existence for thousands of years B.C. However, hats started becoming popular among women only after the 17th century and reached a peak in terms of usage in the 20th century, when all women wore hats as a sign of being respectable ladies, as soon as they stepped out of the house. Over the years, tradition has changed and hats are now worn only occasionally as a fashion accessory.

Let’s begin an exciting journey down hat lane starting from the 1910s!

  • The 1910s

Huge hats called “Garden Hats” were the highlight of this era, with flower and bird-adorned brims expanding beyond the shoulders.

garden vintage hats

feather vintage hats

  • The 1920s

As the 1920s approached, the use of birds for the adornment of hats declined as it was widely criticized. Therefore, hats became smaller in size. A few of the 1920s hat styles are listed below.

Cloche Hats

These were the most celebrated hats of the decade with extremely narrow brims and tight-fitted crowns. They were donned down to cover the eyebrows, reducing the visual range.

cloche hats vintage style

Bicorn hats

These consisted of an upturned brim on the front, making pointed ends on both sides. Flowers or bows were attached to the pointed ends.

bicorn vintage hats

Toque Hats

These consisted of a cylindrical crown with a brim. They were made of a rigid material and were worn by older women.

toque vintage hats

  • The 1930s

Hats from this era were small and simple, adorned only with a single flower or bow. The main focus of this era was on the precise angling of the hats to produce different looks.

vintage hats from the 1930s

  • The 1940s

Hats of the 1940s were relatively modern and some of them are still made today. Fascinators, berets, pillboxes, and fedoras rose during this decade in a multitude of colors and styles.

vintage hat from 1940s

vintage hat from 1940s

vintage hat from 1940s

  • The 1950s

This decade followed the hat styles of the previous one, with the exception that wide-brimmed hats became popular again during the summer seasons.

wide brimmed hats in summer

  • The 1960s

With the arrival of this decade, the use of hats started declining and they were no longer a compulsion for women. Therefore, no particular new hat styles were introduced and only the previous hat styles were improved.

  • The 1990s and modern day millinery

With young and vibrant Princess Diana with her majesty started influencing a lot of youngster to revive the trend of hat as a chic accessory. Later HRH Kate Middleton has had a big impact on the industry too. Modern day millinery is clean and simplistic. Varied techniques and materials are being experimented worldwide.

modern millinery women hats

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your Grandma’s vintage hat and wear it with the style and class that hats were made to display in the times, yep the Golden time!

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